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Monday, March 5, 2012

A beautiful home in Bellport

Interior Design by Marna Varney
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Marna is one of the inspiring Interior Designers who love to shop at English Country Antiques
Here are images from a recent project

Fresh & Cool Hues are reflected in the glossy white floors, allowing even more light into this already bright room...

Sea Fan prints from English Country, Lamps MGBW, also available through English Country Antiques

On a palette of matt white & grass cloth walls a
19th C English Side table in Mahogany pairs neatly with tufted side chair, and bell jar lantern. Handmade paper & dried flower artwork on the entry way walls.
All from ECA

ECA chinese garden stools in cream glaze earthernware sit in front of this window lookout, with a simple upholstered bench and standing lamp make a perfect curl up and read spot.

Sheer curtains in this dining room soften the strict lines of the trestle dining table, and iron based console. Another hand made paper and dried flower artwork add the only touch of color to this peacful dining room.

One of our favourite Swedish Style Drop Front desks makes the perfect place to catch up on notes and letters.
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Marna used one of our fern prints in this two tone bathroom scheme


  1. To all those interested:

    My wife and I have known Marna Varney's work for some time . She

    brings a passion and a discipline to her work that few interior designers

    possess She takes the time to understand her customer and is one of the

    few that is not looking to make a "statement" as much as she is there to

    create an environment that is a reflection of her clients personality and

    life style. The end result is really what the individuals would have done

    for themselves if they had the time and the patience to deal with the

    countless large and small decisions that need to be made when your

    creating an environment reflective of their style and personality. All that

    being said what makes Marna Varney unique is not just

    expected good taste but the ability to surprise and delight. In the

    end your left with the sentiment "This place feels like us!" But secretly

    your thinking "Thats good ...thats really good.. would i have thought of

    that ???

    Cynthia and Tony Marinelli

    Brookhaven New York

  2. Marna Varney is an incredibly talented designer, her work is elegant, innovative and functional all in one. Yet the spaces she recreates still make you feel at home, because they are so inviting. She is a wonderful person, who is easy to work with and has a positive attitude, which is a big reason why her clients are always content.

    Maria Ficken
    Bellport, New York

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  4. Marna Varney's unique style is a combination of simplicity integrated with sophistication, yet affordable while looking over the top expensive. I am a HUGE fan of Marna Varney for her wonderful organizational, easy going, consulting style as well as her ethics and compassion in all that touches.
    Margot Palermo
    Brookhaven, New York

  5. When it comes to design Marna Varney has a clear vision and impliments them with perfection. Her tireless efforts always create amazing spaces that look like they have always been there. The only problem with the many outstanding design creations of Marna's is that you never want to leave! Marna is a wonderful person to have on your team. Not only is she loyal, honest, hardworking and talented but she is beautiful from the inside out! Congratulations to English Country antiques for having your beautiful peices in the many homes of Marna's Design...she is a delight to work with!

  6. Marna Varney is one of the best interior designers around! She has amazing talents similar to interior designer Linda Woodrum. Marna Varney has a great sense of style like designer Candice Olson, using awe-inspiring transformations and simple elegance in all her designs. She can take anything ordinary and change it into something spectacular. It is wonderful to be able to view some of Marna's work on English Country Antiques' web site!

  7. Everything Marna Varney touches becomes beautiful. Her design sense is spectacular. Her work is perfection!!!
    Linda S.

  8. Marna is so talented. She did an amazing job on our East Hampton renovation. Thanks to Marna we have a Gorgeous home!! If you are looking for an interior designer look no further.
    Steph H.
    New York, NY