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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Animal Rescue of The Hamptons Designer Showhouse

Take a look at how our room at the
 ARF designer showhouse ended up.

Zoe, who designed the room, took inspiration from the existing wall color which was a bright persimmon or even a dull Hermes orange, & the set of Mitchell Gold Upholstery, The London sofa and 2 armchairs in a pale linen mix called "Lingo Ecru"

Whilst Zoe liked the existing wall color, she felt it a little over powering for a complete room, and looked for a way to tone it down, either with adding a stripe or design, or using a wall paper...in the end deciding on using a collection of vintage NY Times Newspapers. c 1930 and 1940

This background then meant Zoe could scout for pieces that complemented her look, ie, gold tones mixed with earthy neutrals and texture woven pieces..

All pieces were donated by ECA suppliers, and chosen by Zoe

Battery Operated Candles with a remote control

A pair of small Antique Mexican chairs (found at ARF!) were perfect rustic details that gave the room
some depth and character

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